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White Knight Hotel Cebu Mango Avenue is suitable for families, tourists, and business travelers as its location in Cebu’s city center provides easy access to major venues and attractions. The property is more of a boutique hotel with only 48 cozy guestrooms including amenities like cable television, breakfast, refrigerators, and telephones. The hotel’s restaurant specializes in international and local cuisine for guests to savor. Ser Jos Native Retro-Bar offers up the finest Filipino cuisine throughout the day. The pool is available for lounging purposes. Make use of the car rental services and visit local attractions like the Ayala Center and SM City Cebu. The White Knight Hotel ’s location on General Maxilom Avenue is only minutes away from these venues.

General Maxilom Avenue, or more popularly known as Mango Avenue, was named in honor of a hero of the Philippine Revolution. It is not only one of the main thoroughfares of Cebu City but it is also gaining popularity as one of the city’s major entertainment spots.

The street was named after General Arcadio Maxilom y Molero who served as a public school teacher prior to joining the Katipunan. Maxilom led the Katipuneros in Cebu after the tragic assassination of their leader, Leon Kilat. Maxilom’s funeral was attended by several important revolutionary figures, including Emilio Aguinaldo.  His funeral cortegé stretched over 4 km, the longest by far in Cebu’s history.

Today, the long stretch of Mango Avenue hosts a variety of institutions including schools (St. Theresa’s College and University of San Carlos-North Campus), malls (Mango Square Mall, One Mango Avenue, Fooda), churches (Iglesia ni Cristo and Church Of Our King), banks (BPI, Sterling, Metrobank, PBCom, Unionbank), restaurants (Sunburst, Handuraw, Jollibee, Greenwich), ktv bars (Gimik, The Beat) and even a number of restobars and night clubs. One Mango Place is home to various eating places including Sunburst Fried Chicken and Handuraw Pizza, and restobars such as YOU Restobar and Casanova.

With its line-up of places to hang-out, Mango Avenue is fast growing in popularity as a place to go to when you’re looking to party the night away, shake those booties or belt your heart out to the tune of your choice.

Mango Avenue is also very convenient and easily accessible as it is located near Fuente Osmeña and Jones Avenue.

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宿雾芒果大道白骑士酒店非常适合家庭,游客和商务旅客,因为它位于宿雾市中心,可轻松到达主要的场所和景点。该酒店更像是一家精品酒店,只有48家舒适的酒店,包括有线电视等设施。酒店的餐厅擅长于国际和当地美食,以供客人品尝。 Ser Jos Native Retro-Bar全天提供最精美的菲律宾美食。游泳池可用于休闲娱乐。利用汽车租赁服务,参观阿亚拉中心和SM City Cebu等当地景点。 White Knight Hotel酒店位于Maxilom大街将军区,距离这些场所仅数分钟路程。



这条街的名字以Arcadio Maxilom y Molero将军命名,他在加入Katipunan之前曾担任过公立学校的老师。在他们的领导人莱昂·基拉特(Leon Kilat)被暗杀之后,马克西米洛姆(Maxilom)在宿雾领导了Katipuneros。马克西米洛姆的葬礼有几个重要的革命人物参加,包括埃米利奥·阿吉纳尔多。他的葬礼主持人长达4公里,是宿雾历史上最长的葬礼。


如今,漫长的芒果大道拥有各种机构,包括学校(圣特蕾莎学院和圣卡洛斯-北校区大学),购物中心(芒果广场购物中心,芒果大道一号,Fooda),教堂(伊格莱西亚·尼克里斯多和教堂)我们的国王),银行(BPI,斯特林,大都会银行,PBCom,联合银行),饭店(森伯斯特,Handuraw,Jollibee,格林威治),ktv酒吧(Gimik,The Beat),甚至还有许多餐厅和夜总会。一个芒果坊(Mango Place)是各种饮食场所的所在地,其中包括森伯斯特炸鸡(Sunburst Fried Chicken)和Handuraw Pizza(比萨饼)以及Restobars(如YOU Restobar和Casanova)。

芒果大街(Mango Avenue)拥有众多适合闲逛的地方,当您希望度过一个夜晚聚会,摇晃赃物或全心全意地选择去的地方时,它已成为受欢迎的地方。

芒果大道(Mango Avenue)靠近丰特·奥斯梅尼亚(FuenteOsmeña)和琼斯大道(Jones Avenue),也非常方便且易于到达。



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